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how to light white back wall...

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Sunday, I'm filming girls dancing silhouettes with a white background for a fun personal / learning project. I've rented a studio with a white wall. My goal with this session is having fun learning my new lights, and creating a title sequence for my spoof. Since I have no real lighting experience (other than reading and looking online), thought I'd post here to see if anyone has some good advice.


The studio is for stills only so they have no lights to use. I have 3 CFL soft boxes with stands, one can do an overhead thing, 3 1000x leds (colors are kind of off-ish), and 2 cheap fresnels: 350w and 660w

My goal is to splash bright light on the back wall, girl dances in front seeing only her dark outline figure. In the end, I will be replacing the background with various overlay colors and effect - exactly like most James Bond title sequences.

My best guess is: point the softboxes in from the side, out of view, try to keep the lighting smooth and even, maybe use the LEDs to fill any weak spots? The girls don't need any light on them, I want them to JUST BE well defined dark "shadows" infront of the bright back ground. Could probably be all Black and White filmed as well.

I'm filming with a Pannasonic GH4.


Any and all input appreciated!


(Safety First are the first 3 items on my "Directors" list, so I will be briefing everyone about lights getting hot, posting warning signs, covering wires with tape, keeping people away from electrics etc)


going for something sort of like this, girl wise, not the background:



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Just light the wall evenly. Just as with a green screen, the light will bounce back onto the subject, so the further you can keep the subject from the wall, the better silhouette you will get.

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