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Osman Arslan

New York City cinematography workshop

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Hello everybody,

I live in New York. I am heavily studying filmmaking for years now. I studied directing for a while at School of Visual Arts but I couldn't afford to finish it. I already had been thinking about leaving the school but the main reason I stopped was economical. After DSLR revolution there is more info online than you can get at a film school. SVA was great because it gave me the foundation which is very important. Then I knew what to study and look for online. Now there are tons of information online. I'm not that young, I'm 32 years old but I have been running after this dream since I was 19. According to my plan I made when I was 19 I was going to make my first movie when I was 35. So 3 years left :) and I'm getting there. Why I planned to make it that late? It was all economical. It takes that much years for a firefighter's son from Turkey to come here and study by working at gas stations for 6 days a week 12 hours a day for 5 years to be able to attend SVA. And when you're young the name of the school is important. So now I'm writing my first feature length script. I also have some short scripts I want to shoot this coming winter and spring. I have some equipment now. I have konova motorized tilt and pan head jib slider, 5d mark II, steadycam with vest, fat gecko car mount, tripods, arri 650, arri t1, alzo 3200 Led, some light stands, gels, diffusers, Adobe cc, and insurance to rent whatever I want. I was just wondering if there is anybody who wants to do workshop weekly in New York City. In a month, I will buy GH4 and Atamos Shogan to get 10 bit 4:2:2 footage. I would love to meet once a week and recreate the scenes we will agree. If everybody brings what they have I'm sure we will have enough things to recreate scenes to practice and study. I can bring everything I listed here. And who knows maybe we can produce each other's projects after a while. I can do these things by myself or with my best friend who also wants to learn but I'm sure I know something that you don't know and you know something that I don't know. Why don't we teach each other. And the essence is good too. I could post this thing on Craigslist too and if I can't find anyone here I will post it there too but since this is a student filmmakers section in this website I think my post would fit here. I will take the long way home. right now I have enough knowledge to analyze a scene by myself so I am not looking for people to teach me only but teaching what I know is also very appealing to me. It's the core element which made me choose this path. So please let me know if you like to join me. You can post it here or write to my email. We can study framing, lighting, blocking and anything else you would like. It's all free. The only charge is your time and my time. Helios82@live.com

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