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Scott Steamboat Sibley

Developing and Processing Super 8 Film

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Hey guys. I just bought a Canon 814E the other day and have shot my first 2 rolls of film. A roll of Kodak Vision3 200T and a roll of Kodachrome 40. What do I do now? I'd like to send it off to get developed and transferred to a dvd or movie fils that i can dump into an editing program. Can someone point me in the right direction. Totally new to this. Thanks in advance!



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Hi Scott,


Unfortunately your Kodachrome can no longer be processed in color. You can only have it processed as b&w negative. Even then, the results will be iffy. Also, it will be costly to do. The best place for processing that is Film Rescue International.


Your 200T you can send to:


Cinelab - www.cinelab.com - Massachusetts

Pro8mm - www.pro8mm.com - Hollywood

Spectra - www.spectrafilmandvideo.com - Hollywood


All those locations can also do transfers to digital for you, although my favorite for transfers is Gamma Ray Digital in Arlington, MA - www.gammaraydigital.com

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David is a quicker typist!


There are a number of labs which will process the Vision as it's a professional neg stock.

Unfortunately K40 processing of Super-8 ended in 2007. It was discontinued in Super-8 some years before that so unless it has been kept well it may have deteriorated anyway.. Film Rescue charges upwards of £40/roll. Hopefully you can reshoot.

You don't say where you are so it's difficult to give addresses.

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Ektachrome 64T - E6

Ektachrome 100D - E6

Velvia 50D - E6

Provia 100F - E6


However, all of these color reversals are discontinued, hard to find, and sold at a premium when you can find them.


AGFA/Wittner 200D - E6

Kodak Vision3 series of ECN-2 negative films

Kodak tri-x and plus-x b&w reversal (the latter discontinued)


If you can find it, any VNF-1 film can be processed in E6 but most of that film is old now and results are usually poor.


All of the older Ektachrome is quite old and processing no longer available except through film rescue international or Plattsburgh photographic. But, the processing cost is very high ($50-70 ) and results usually bad. It's not worth trying.

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