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Repaint or re-anodised lens housing

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Hi, does anyone here offer or can recommend where can I repaint or re-anodised my lenses? I have a set of Elite Primes that got bad corrosive on the outer lens barrel due to seawater humidity... I need them to have new paint or anodise coat to keep then dust free... Thank, Eric.

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Anodize may be a bad choice. It shows thru or reads thru the finish any defects in the metals surface. Bad corrosion marks would have to be milled away. No gaurantee even discolorations left will show thru. Vendors camo anodize fly reels scope barrels etc to hide this and have less waste. I would recommend the finer feel rubberized paints if the surface can be ground smooth and stabilized. But even fine texture paints will not hide most damage done from corrosion. Any small manufacturer industrial area near you is likely to have someone capable of doing the metal work and finish. thats if you can break the lenses down yourself. If not you might need to sell to someone willing to take on the challenge and cut your losses.

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Cant believe I forgot about dips. Look into the hydro dips. We dip everything in the outdoor industry. Have to be dilligent about little holes and threads etc. but you can essentially print any image and dip product thru it. Fairly durable if done correctly. Kinda like a permanent precision wrap for you lenses. Dont know that anyones doing it on lenses. You may start a craze. Matrix type patterns are tricky to get around round object so id stay to organic print forms. Not sure i want to refer you to this work. But where do you live? If i have a vendor near you that might consider the work ill put you with them.

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