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Andres Pardo aka Gral Treegan

MINUTERA short super 8 documentary

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Hi guys, I want to share with you my last documentary short, shot on tri-x super 8.



Minutera is a reflection about photography, about what we lost.






That is a GREAT short, Andres! It's not easy to make an effective documentary short, but he/you sum up the feelings a lot of us have! Very well done! It also looked like all you had was ambient lighting, but it still looked good to me.


I would password protect that and submit it to festivals. Nice job!

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Bill, thanks for your lines!


I had one diva light on the side, just because the "Minutera" camera needs for exposure.

I think about festivals, but the true is that I shot just for the joy of doing it, to have some fun shooting super 8, that I love and wanna keep doing it.



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Nice work. Great subject. I think anyone who is good at anything sometimes wonder how their craft will survive modern society. But the truth is it does have a lot to do with the interaction between the people and the camera. I have recently noticed a disappointment that I do not lug my stills gear around as much as I used to to family events. And people constantly hand me their phones to take shots because they say I know how to trick it into taking a good picture. I think this film reminds that its as much to do with the effort put forth as anything. I mean who lugs a camera like that around and processes on site. Just awesome.

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