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Starting a feature this week and the director wants a very "yellow springtime" look to our lighting. Mostly the highlights. Attached is a photo and isn't the best because the female is blonde as is probably natural backlight but this is the the rough tone.


So my question is: to get that warm almost sunset color without getting too red/orange, has anybody played with more yellow color correction on daylight lit scenes?

So on our HMI's instead of adding CTS or CTO for a little end of day glow playing more with yellows.


I've but aside (from LEE)


100 Spring Yellow

767 Oklahoma Yellow

101 Yellow

102 Light Amber

104 Deep Amber


Has anybody played with these colors on bigger sources? (18kHMI / 6kHMI)

I like the look of 100 Spring Yellow but am afraid will start to feel green when blasting with a big unit.




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Hey Zakk,


I can't see the attached pic. Perhaps try again with a JPEG file?


Spring Yellow definitely has green in it. You will see the green regardless of the size of the light you use it with. To me it reads as artificial and sickly, good for urban night scenes with neon and fluorescent sources. I've also used it when a director asked for light with the color of the sky before a tornado touches down. I don't think it would read as natural sunlight on it's own unless you are going for a very stylized effect.


I would look at the Keislowski film The 'Double Life of Veronique' shot by Slawomir Idziak. He used some pretty heavy yellow filters in that movie that may be similar to what you are trying to achieve. Best of luck, let us know how it goes!

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Oh, now I see the pic! That just looks like natural late afternoon sunlight to me. To replicate that with an HMI and 5600K white balance on the camera, you'd probably be fine with 1/2 or 1/4 CTS and a warm bounce for fill. You might just want to shift the color balance of the camera up to 6500-7000K with your 5600K source and get an overall warm tone.

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I don't think you need a lot of color in your lighting to get that kinda look .....you can go more toward green in color grading if you want more of a look on it. But I'd leave the lights alone and just warm them up if you want...... maybe try using a little subtle yellow gel but nothing super strong and I'd run tests


all yellow has green in it....thats what makes it yellow. CTS is CTO with a little green.

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