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James Compton


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I watched 'INHERENT VICE' this morning in 4K projection. The opening scene was VERY grainy, but

it seems like that was used as an entry point into another place in time. The grain became less noticeable(mostly vanished) after that opening scene in Doc's house. The colors were vibrant and rich. the set design costumes, makeup and acting melted together very well.


Some scenes had a haze or veil to them that was very nice. It was mostly in high key or scenes

where the camera was pointed toward the light source. Those Cooke Panchro lenses are nice like that.

The scene in the RED FANG office with the runaway girl, has this smoky- almost gauze quality that

has me ready to watch the movie again for that scene alone. Beautiful.


The flow of the story was fine until the first ending(it could have ended 3 times). Finally, it all came together well. I left with a smile. Man, that movie was a trip!

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This is what I found out regarding 35mm and 70mm projection of 'INHERENT VICE'. 35mm prints screening - USA: New York, Los Angeles, CANADA: Toronto , UK: London, Dublin (Ireland). 70mm prints - USA: New York, Los Angeles . I will add updates if I find out anything else.

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