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Eugene Lehnert

ME-4 Processing

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I did not realize Ektachrome was discontinued.


I purchased an old roll but it requires the ME-4 process. Does anyone know who does this kind of processing anymore?


What about VNF-1? Is that still supported?

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My understanding is that the proper cross process is C22... E4 is apparently way to toxic for home processing. There are online reports of success with cold or room temperature C41 (E4 will apparently melt above 85F) not much color that way though. ... and apparently it has to be scanned.

For all older processing that isn't home processed I would look at Rocky Mountain Film Lab or Film Rescue.

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ME4 was the current Ektachrome process when I started in 1973. The first two steps were a prehardener and a neutralizer before the first developer. The ME4 films (7242, 7241 and 7256) were unable to withstand high temperatures without the prehardener bath; about 6 years later came the VNF1 process which was the same as ME4 but without the prehardener and neutralizer first steps. The corresponding films (7240, 7239, 7250 and 7251) were hardended during film manufacture and could be processed at high temperatures.


If you still have an old roll of ME4 stock, it is very likely to be very fogged due to age. There is a rather nasty component in the color developer chemistry (RA-1 for chemical re-exposure) that is certainly no longer available. You can still process it as a black and white negative, probably of very poor quality.

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