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Custom X8 Heavy Lift Drone For Sale

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Hello, and thank you for viewing our post. We have a custom built X8 Heavy Lift Drone and a Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 for sale, both of which are in pristine condition and have only been flown twice for testing purposes. Soon after purchasing our drone we decided to focus our efforts in the telescoping crane market and no longer have any use for the drone. The package has a DJI A2 Flight control system, custom retractable landing gear and a brushless 3-axis gimbal, all of which are controlled by two Futaba RC controllers. The drones fuselage is capable of hauling 35 lbs and the gimbal has a max payload of 13 lbs. The gimbal is currently being upgraded from an 8-bit to a 32-bit system for your benefit ($500 upgrade). The frame is comprised of high quality aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce gross fuselage weight to ultimately maximize its heavy lift and flight duration capabilities. The package also includes a brand new Toshiba laptop for programming the A2 system and gimbal. Below is a list of what the package includes, please feel free to contact us with questions regarding pricing and details. The drone and teradek can be purchased separately if you so desire.











1-Vulcan X8 High Z Arm Frame


1-DJI Flight Control System w/ Waypoints


1-3-Axis AlexMos Gimbal Control


1-3-Axis Brushless Cinema Gimbal


8-15 Matched Propellers


8-Industrial 400KV Heavy Lift Motor


8-Multirotor SimonK Flashed ESCs


1-Futaba 14SG RC Controller (Fuselage)


1-Futaba T10J RC Controller (Gimbal)


2-Pelican Travel Cases


4-Zippy 30C Series 8,000mAh High Discharge Li-PO Battery (Gimbal)


2-Multistar 6S 22.2V 10,000mAh High Capacity Multi-Rotor Battery (Fuselage)


1-Graupner 5J Polaron Battery Charger (two batteries at a time)


1-Hex Set


1-USB to Mini USB Cable





Teradek Bolt Pro 2000:


1-HD-SDI Transmitter


1-HD-SDI Receiver


1-P-Tap to 2p Lemo (Transmitter Power)


1-Receiver AC Power Supply


2-2 BNC


1-¼-20 Baby pin (Receiver)


1-¼-20 tie down (Transmitter)



Teradek Specs:



Input: SD/HD/3G-SDI


Output: Looping 3G-SDI


Resolution: Up to 1080p60


Frequency:5.1 to 5.8 Ghz


Wireless Range: 2000


Power: 7W


Encryption: AES128


Audio: 2-Channel


Chassis: Milled Aluminium


Temperature: 32 to 122*F (0-50*C)


Weight: 8.8 Oz.




Toshiba Laptop:


1-Toshiba - Satellite 15.6" Laptop


1- AC Power Supply

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