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Kyran Ford

Reel for G&E?

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How do you all feel about demo reels for gaffer credits, as well lighting tech credits? I have seen it done, even by grips.


First, a bit about myself: I am an electrician; I gaff some smaller stuff; I aspire to be a DP.


I would like to make myself a demo reel (since I am consistently asked for one) but have not photographed enough for a DP reel. I figured it to be silly to have a DP reel with credits as gaffer and/or electric included, but I wanted to ask publicly for opinions. If I did, I would have titles on each piece with my position - if gaffer, including the DP's name; if electrician, including the gaffer's name and DP's.


Look forward to hearing thoughts.

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I don't think a reel makes much sense for best boy/electrics work (I'd probably scoff at seeing one honestly). But if you were gaffing a shoot (and even more so if you had some part in the lighting design of a shot) I think a reel is okay, since it's showing off what you can do.

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If its just for getting jobs when people ask do w/e feels right.... if you have some stuff you dp'd and some stuff you gaffed put it together but just throw in titles to let viewers no whats what.


I would never hire a gaffer without seeing their work or a really strong recomendation.

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If you're trying to build a reel, make your own shorts. Don't use someone else's footage. Cause it's really messy when you might go up against them for a gig and a director is looking at reels and sees the same footage on two different DP's reels. Just shoot your own stuff.

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If your reel is to pitch for work as a DP, I would say do NOT put Gaffer work on it.

Make a separate reel if necessary. For Gaffer work ( I am a Key Grip, and I think its pretty similar) I would suggest a concise resume along with the names and phone numbers of DP's you've worked with.

Providing the phone numbers or email addresses up front displays confidence in your reputation, and shows that your resume is legit.

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