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Luke Hudson

Reference Film Suggestions for Upcoming Project?

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Hi, I'm preparing to shoot a drama on Alexa. It is mix of interiors, exteriors, day and night. It is set in modern-day homes, both middle class and opulent. I'm shooting and directing. I know styles are very subjective, but I'm wondering if anyone can suggest some features I could watch or re-watch to help get the creative juices flowing both for the DP and the directing side of things.



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Yes, I realized after I posted that I was being too vague, sorry. This is for a short and the problem is that there are such few restrictions--no real constraints. I am probably overthinking this here at the start of my prep without letting some kind of style emerge. My worry is that it will end up too generic---pretty pictures without unique characteristics for a memorable style. But then again I don't want the style to be too heavy-handed and unjustified.

I need to spend some quiet time wtih the script and let something emerge from within the story---some quaities that compliment it. The story is about modern-day family dealing with crisis. Recent Fincher stuff comes to mind. David, your recent posts about the 90 Minutes in Heaven project were inspiring.

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I think it depends on how naturalistic you want to approach things, from the almost no lighting approach to "Tree of Life" (find a house with a lot of windows and stage the action near them), to something low-key and somber in the mode of Harris Savides, Gordon Willis, Roger Deakins. I think "Revolutionary Road" (Deakins), for example, is great to study for suburban household scenes. "Interiors" (Willis) is also visually interesting.


But the season of the story might also affect what movies you want to watch. "Prisoners" is a good suburban drama but it definitely has an East Coast Fall-Winter feeling to the light.

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Great suggestions, thanks so much David and Bill. Sometimes you get writer's block for cinematography. I appreciate the help.

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