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Rosco #804 No Colour Straw?

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I'm gaffering on a short film this week, and had a basic selection of gels to chose from for the shoot from our university. I've got the standard CTB/CTO gels to use on our lights. I was looking for some CTS (Straw) to use on tungsten units as morning sunlight, however for some reason all I could get was No Colour Straw (Rosco #804). It seems to still produce a nice light with a slight yellow tint, which suits a morning sunrise. I was wondering what the different between normal Straw gel, and No Colour Straw gel is? I bet it's so minimal, but it would be good to know!

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You don't say in your blog report where you set your white balance. As the tungsten is quite warm, and the daylight source is not that blue, i'm guessing you white balanced somewhere in the middle, at around 4300k. With this approach, you probably didn't need the straw gel at all, as tungsten takes on a golden glow when the camera is balanced in the 4000s.


Nice work!

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