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I'm selling my Arricam LT package. The camera has been carefully handled and is in excellent condition. This is a rare deal as I haven't seen many Arricam LT's for sale for so cheap.

Included in the package is:
Arricam LT camera body
IVS - Integrated Video System
Anamorphic and spherical viewfinder
Medium viewfinder extension
Long viewfinder extension with magnification
Viewfinder leveler
Heated eyepiece
Power bridgeplate with rods
Adjustable quick release plate
Mask frame glow module
Studio mag to Lite mag adapter
Top handle
Power cable
Adjustment hex tools
The camera is currently setup for 4-perf.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Asking $20,000 but make me an offer. I'm definitely willing to negotiate.


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I'm not currently interested in buying, but I do have a question that would be pertinent if I was to look into a 35mm camera. How difficult is it to convert that camera to 3-perf and what would the approximate cost be if there is one?

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Really great deal, thanks for offering it on here Colin.


If anyone knows of reasonably priced mags, or if you yourself could add a couple to the package, then we can enter a bidding war :)

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Do you have other groundglass options? You mentioned you know of some LT Mags for sale; where can I find a link to the seller or even some information to see what kind of shape they are in? How much for mags with the cost? Can you set up for 3-perf?

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