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What Schneider Xenon FF focal lengths would you rent?

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I have a set of three Schneider Xenon FF's (35,50,75) that have been serving me very well for the past year (rental and shooting) but I'm planning on building out the rest of the set over the next year (I know that I should have bought the set matched but unfortunately I can't afford that). The problem is that I am having a hard time deciding in what order to buy the lengths. So I thought I'd get a feeling for what would rent out the most. I originally was thinking of picking up the 25 next, then the 100, and then finally the 18. But now I'm starting to think that I may want to pick up the 18 next (assuming it becomes available soon). I don't tend to shot wider than 35 much other than establishing wide open landscapes, so my thinking for my style of shooting is that 35,50,75 will get me through nearly every shot I need and than the 18 will serve as a stylized special lens, however I worry that my style will not translate well into rentals.


I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on the subject. I know the set will be much more desirable once it is a full set but I'm trying to figure out what indie/low-budget shooter that can only rent a selection of lens would go for.



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