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steve waschka

reset speed of npr fixed controller

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I have an NPR on its way. It appears from the photos it has a fixed controlled motor. That is to say I only see a red light on top and no obvious ways to adjust speed. I assume it will come as a 24fps motor. I need it to run at 30fps. Aside from consulting an electrical engineer or purchasing [if you could find one] a controller costing more than the camera itself, has anyone any suggestions? I am hopeful the right person can successfully swap the crystal regulator to get the camera to 30fps.

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Anyone interested in this that does not have answers.... I have found a few interesting usb programmable speed controls that with some calibrating you could do quite a bit of creative ramping. However after cleaning the camera and inspecting the electronic circuits its a fairly elegant and well built design and the best answer would be to have it "re crystalled" to run at 29.97 [for my purposes that is. I need to match it to quite bit of video]

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Went with a simple robotics step up / step down voltage regulator the one I chose barely holds just under 30fps with film and a 24v supply. Needs the volts to create the amps. But it does hold checked against a strobe. When it gets close to the bottom of a hundred foot roll it drops .3-.4 fps. This is not going to be for sync use. So I am running around 29.85 down to 29.40. Still havent given up on figuring out reworking the sync board. I would like for it to be useful for sync in the future so I will continue with it. Right now I am probably going to have to chose a diferent board to get it to hover at 30.


Edit: Camera ran faster as I used it so a re-- tear down and a relube is probably inorder.


Side note:


this camera has fought every step of the way. The NPR's front face of the housing behind the turret is extremely thin walled. Doesnt take much to crack or flex and graze the shutter. Apparently someone else tested that out with this camera. After clearing the obstructions and filling the cracks mine is VERY quiet. WAY quieter than any ive seen running on videos. All thats left is a flicker. Im not sure there isnt still a tiny contact. But what I'm hearing may just be the claw / or pin transmission now.


Then what looked to be the best part of the outfit as in nearly new, turned out to be a frozen mag. Frozen at the input shaft. And frozen so that the set screws for the sprockets were facing an unreachable direction. Had to completely tear down to repair.


I think Ive held proper flange depth and I havent had to move the ground glass to clean. Final word will be a film test. But what I have says its ok.


Getting close

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Camera is scratch tested, all lenses chked at the gate for accuracy. Everything seems good using loops, ground glass, and charts. Plus the "feel" of the look is its sharp. And im always the skeptic. Even was able to dig into the kit ang 12-120 and get its backfocus fixed. Though it does not seem to be a fantasic specimin of that lens. Otherwise ready for filming. Have a promo I owe to a vendor. I think I will do it on film.

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