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Arri Standard Mount, Arri Bayonnet Mount, and PL

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Hey all a couple questions.


I am in the process of aquiring an Arri SR I (with a super 16 modification to the gate) and have some questions about Arri(s) mounts.


Can Arri Standard Mount Lenses fit onto Arri Bayonnet Mounts?


Can an Arri SR (I) be modified to have an Arri PL mount? If not, can PL lenses fit onto the Arri Bayonnet Mount (SRI).


Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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Yes, Arri Standard mount lenses can fit into a bayonet socket. All of my lenses for my Arri S/B are standard mount and they fit into the one bayonet socket on the camera.


Not sure about the PL mount query.

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The SR I can be modified to PL. I would contact Jorge at http://www.cinematechnic.com/ to see if he would do it, or recommend someone who still does.


I have a feeling that these days purchasing a PL mounted SRII/SRIII might be less expensive.


Good Luck,





Illya Friedman


Hot Rod Cameras

Hollywood, California


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As Bill said, the diameter of the Arri-S and B lens port is the same. SRII, and I assume SRI, have release buttons either side of the port for Arri-S mount lenses.


Bill, does the Arri-B port on your S/B camera have one or two retainer tabs to hold the lens in place?

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