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I have a Cinema Products CP-16r with fungus (or something?) on one of the internal elements of the viewfinder.

It appears to be on the second element of the viewing (eye) side, as it does not change focus with the ground glass.


Can anyone point me to a resource for proper disassembly? I have taken the thing apart but I CAN NOT seem to

be able to remove the prizim covers, unless there is some secret after the two screws are removed.


This is the one thing that does not seem to be covered in any of the available documentation.

Before I spend money to replace it, I want to try to clean it!


Thanks for any help you might have.

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Ok. after emailing WhitehouseAV, I used... liberal force and a big stick to pop the prisms off.


Turns out not to be mold but the silvering on the mirrors being eaten away.


Mirror resilvering time! At least the lens glass is good.

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