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I'm starting to look into purchasing my own fluid head and sets of sticks. I typically work on set with the Sachtler 80 and O'Connor 2575 heads, but would like to invest in a head for my own equipment kit.


While I'm not in the market to purchase neither of the heads mentioned above, I would like to look into a possible vintage head that would work well with my RED One MX package. Typically my package is fully kitted and lensed with Zeiss Super Speeds, but I occasionally use LOMO Anamorphic lenses, or an Angeneiux 25-250 zoom.


I'm currently looking into the O'Connor 50D fluid head, and would like feedback on the model. Also, if anyone has other recommendations I would like to hear those too!



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It's what I use and have used for a long long time on just about every camera you can mention.

Mine has sprung a leak I need to get serviced before I use it again; and that can happen on older heads (and really any head) but its' a great system and I sometimes prefer my old 50D To things like the 1030 etc, but that's kinda personal preference.

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Thanks for your response Adrian. Besides getting it serviced, is there anything else I should know about the head? Did you have to make any modifications, or purchase new items such as the pan arm or quick release plate?

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I haven't. Some have.

Normally I just keep a doveplate on the thing and slide on and off. I keep thinking of going for a pan handle upgrade but I've gown used to what I have on it.

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