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Jake Sorenson

AF100 record rate

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Quick question on the AF-100.


I most likely will be using this camera for a project that will be broadcasted on T.V.


The camera has a record rate of 21 mb/s. The T.V station recommends you shoot in nothing less than 50 mb/s.


How can we go about resolving this conflict?


Is an external recorder an option? if so, how does this work? Does it always have to be hooked up to the camera when you are shooting?

Are there other options?


Thank you

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The internal codec is not good enough for broadcast - you can quite easily see compression artefacts even with mild colour correction.


The camera has a HDSDI output and there are plenty of external recorders that can record in a broadcast friendly codec.

Prores 4:2:2 or HQ - would be plenty good enough. You use the external recorder as the recorder - so it has to be connected the whole time. Most external recorders are quite small or are built into field monitors, so easy to mount to the camera. Personally, I've used the Blackmagic hyperdeck shuttle with AF101 - but check out ATOMOS stuff as well



Be careful to turn the viewfinder display off on the HDSDI out or you'll record it (made that mistake once with a AF101 and Hyperdeck Shuttle)


If it was me - I'm not a big fan of the AF-100 - even with the external recorder. Newer cameras are much better and many record in a broadcast friendly codec so you don't have to mess around with external recorders eg: Canon C300, Sony FS-7, anything by Blackmagic etc... Makes life a bit easier and you don't need to extra power source for the recorder

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Thank you for the information Phil.


So the Blackmagic hyperdeck shuttle will attach to the camera correct? Is there a special mount I will need?


How about powering this device?


I will not be in a studio setting, rather ourdoors on the move so I cannot have excess wires running around etc. Everything needs to be packaged up nicely on the camera.


Thank you


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you need a special mount to attach the hyperdeck as its just a black box otherwise - it has an internal battery (that you can't change) that only lasts about an hour so you need to rig an external power source.


The hyperdeck is one of the cheapest external recorders - but you end up needing to add more bits to make it practical. I mainly mentioned it because thats the one I have have at work - I don't tend to use it that much because we have MK1 that only records uncompressed so its not really practical


You could look at something like the video assist: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicvideoassist


This might be a more elegant solution then the Shuttle for external recording - also useful to have a sharper monitor for focus pulling (the viewfinder and flip screen on the Panasonic are pretty soft and difficult to work with)

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Thank you Phil.


I saw the video assist from blackmagic however it is not out yet.


I am wondering if there is a way to attach an external power source for the external recorder to the camera. Do you have any input on this?

Does anyone have pictures of how this can be done?


I suppose having the cameraman wear a belt type deal with the battery in it is an option, but are there any ideas out there to get this power source on the camera itself?


Thank you very much.

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