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Travis Cline

220 fps in Europe

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Hi all, I'm shooting a commercial in Spain next week and we are shooting quite a bit of it in high speed. We are continuing a pre-existing campaign and the agency wants to shoot at 240 fps. Not a problem when we are outside, but we have a day interior scene to shoot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we can shoot up to 220 fps under HMI light without getting flicker, no? Above 220 fps, ie 240 fps, we would have to use tungsten right?

Thank you everyone.



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220fps? Why? Its all about your ballast. There are very popular ballasts with 300hz an 1000hz, and with 1000hz , anything under 500fps should be fine.

But did you consider using some powerful tungsten (over 5K) ?


Later edit: (kind of joke) 3 hmi through a diffusion, each one on different phase.

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Hi Travis,


You might want to ask for High Speed Ballast to the lighting rental company so you can shoot up to 1000fps without worrying about the flicker if using HMI if I remember correctly (has been a while since I have been on a high speed job).


Just out of curiosity, are you shooting in Madrid on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd?


Have a good day!

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Thanks all. I'm shooting in Mallorca Miguel. Are you from Madrid? I lived in Madrid when I was younger.

I've been told by my gaffer that they don't have anything bigger than a 10K on the island in tungsten lights. We have 1000hz ballasts, but they don't make any for lights bigger than 9K. We are going to shoot tests. We are going to try the 18K Arrimax's lights with a 300hz ballast because they tend to give less flicker in general.

My first AC said in Spain you can generally shoot up to 200 fps without getting flicker.

We'll see.

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Unfortunately not for what we are doing. I'd love to just use tungsten as all of these problems would go away, but it's a really big setup and at high speed. Shame. I do love the 9Ks though. Nice light.

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Ah! Mallorca is a very nice place! I like it there :)


I am from Madrid, that's right, but I live in Ireland :)

I was just asking because I am working on a commercial next week in Madrid (21, 22 and 23) and it would have been awesome if it had been exactly the same ha! :)


It has also high speed, underwater shoots and much more, kind of fun! :)

Have a lovely day in Mallorca and don't forget to go to Cala Barcas if you can! :)

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