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Albion Hockney

Arri SR 3 - Runtime

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Hey I was curious if anyone could estimate how long an SR3 will keep power with the on board batteries. I'm shooting in some remote locations and can't really find firm answers. Will 4 batteries get me through a day shooting about 1600ft of film?

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I guess that depends on if you need to keep the video tap up the whole time. If not, and you're just plugging in to roll the camera then you should have plenty of batteries. Otherwise it might be good to bring a few block batteries just in case.

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Does anyone know what the current draw is of a well serviced SR, at sound speed? If the onboard 1.2Ah batteries were good and the current draw was even as high as 2A then one battery is almost enough for those 4 rolls to run.


Satsuki (sensei), do you know what the current draw is likely to be on a vid tap on an SR3?

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Sorry I'm late to respond....



I've been filming a 25-30 minute short film on my SR3 since May. Currently at 13 of 14 production days. I know, I know that's a lot, but the results should justify it and only half those days are full days....


I only have TWO on board batteries re-celled from Visual Products and ONE 24v block battery and have never had a problem. We even ran my camera on a Steadicam for 5 hours rolling just under 1200ft with a video tap and wireless conversion thingy and it still didn't eat up both my on boards... but they are newly re-celled so I'm not sure how much that affects all this. Additionally this all depends on how you work. We made a habit of turning off our camera when the DP and I would get into some creative arguments and take 5-10 extra minutes to get to the next shot.




*apologies for this lame website, we don't have the real thing finished yet

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