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Hello, I am preparing to scan 610m of 16mm color negative in 2k. The telecine operator offers uncompressed ProRes, DNG, and DPX. I will be editing /grading on a macbook pro that can't run DaVinci. I have graded raw files before (RED and Black Magic), but never a scanned negative.


My question is, which format should I ask for? I want to be able to adjust the color and exposure to the same extent I was able to with RED and cinema DNG files. The operator said that these DNG's are not the same as BM DNG's


please help!

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Unless you plan on doing theatrical release, the DPX files aren't necessary. Pro Res 4444 is 12 bit, 4:4:4 color space and pretty high dynamic range. Unless the project will need major correction for some reason, the pro res will work great AND doesn't need anything special to playback, unlike DPX. When your done editing and coloring, you can make a DPX for archiving purposes out of DaVinci, but in terms of your scans, just use Pro Res.


Yes it's true, Blackmagic uses a compressed version of RAW, so it's not quite the same.

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