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Helen Slack

GoPro 4 Black Edititon Question

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I don't have or own a GoPro 4 Black Edition. But I've seen some pretty amazing quality both videos and pictures this thing can do. I really don't know nothing about cameras but would like to start, perhaps with the GoPro.

I would like to get some others opinion about this camera? Likes and don't likes. If I go with this camera, I would like to add two things to it, one is a shotgun mic, and some kind of Steadicam that will work with a shotgun mic attached. (it doesn't have to be a Steadicam brand).


What's a good brand for a shotgun mic for a GoPro, and what's a good "Steadicam"? I don't want one with weights because I never had any luck with those.


Does anyone agree, by this picture, "Bangbros" -PublicBang..."cough"....that this was used with a GoPro? If so, what settings you think were used to get such a great final footage?



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GoPros are useful for what GoPros are good at, i.e. sticking onto a skateboard or car bumper or the end of a swinging sword, etc. They aren't the camera you want to use for normal shooting of actors doing dialogue, etc.

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Welcome Helen,

I've owned pretty much all the GoPro's and honestly, they aren't great cameras. They can do good stuff in the right hands with the right experience level, but they are specifically made for the sports/crash-cam market, not for going out and shooting stuff with friends. They have extremely limited dynamic range, no focus, no zoom, only 3 focal lengths and they're all "wide" compared to most cameras. They also don't have controls for exposure without messing with the GoPro app on one's mobile device, which is fun, but now you're carrying around an iPhone and GoPro at the same time.

In my eyes, for stills the iPhone blows the GoPro out of the water, no contest. For video, the GoPro does have a few nice features, it has less rolling shutter then the iPhone. It has higher bit rate recording then the iPhone as well. However, all of that is adjustable on the iPhone with app's and the new iPhone 6 Plus, has an amazing camera for both video and stills.

The nice thing about the iPhone is that it has HDR capture (high dynamic range), it has manual focus, manual zoom, adaptors to make a fish-eye look and best of all, it has a beautiful built-in screen. In my world, my iPhone lives with me 24/7 and it's been a life-changer because I can shoot anything at any time and it looks great every time!

So it really depends on what you wanna do. If you wanna shoot sports/action stuff, get a GoPro. If you wanna shoot high quality video, get a cinema camera like the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. If you wanna shoot stills, buy a still camera. I mean check out these shots from my iPhone… from my vacation this summer. Just snap shots and they blow the doors off anything shot with a GoPro.






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@Tyler Purcell

Thanks for the great answer(s).

I don't have an iPhone and really don't want one.

For my use of a camera is to shoot porn, which the picture I posted with my question, I believe is a GoPro? Can you or anyone confirm it's a GoPro? And to do interviews, one on one like in the same picture.

What type of camera would you suggest for this type of work?

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You could use a wide-angle adapter on pretty much any camera out there to get a "gopro" like feeling and view with the deeper focus and then not have to mess with any of the crazy kludges to get audio and the like into the camera.

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