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Classic Zeiss optics outfitted with modern lens features!

Vintage cine lenses like the Zeiss lenses in this set are highly prized gems among today’s discerning Director’s of Photography shooting with digital cameras. The sensors in modern digital cameras can be quite unforgiving and harsh with regards to the images they produce. Without care and craft, digital productions shot with modern, computer-designed lenses can look very cold and clinical. It takes a bit of the past combined with the technological wizardry of the present to produce truly cinematic imagery. Not all looks can be ”fixed” or ”created” in post production. The look of an image starts with the lens used to create the image. Savvy shooters realize this– which is why vintage lenses continue to go up in value as they become more and more scarce.

These Zeiss lenses were the precursor to Zeiss’ T2.1 Standard lenses, and share many of the elements and optical design of the later model Zeiss T2.1 Standard lenses.

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It´s earlier model of Zeiss Std. Prime Lenses.

These are T2.2. The Std. Zeiss Primes are T2.1. However, the glass elements used
in both sets of lenses are identical.
80mm Front Rings, Follow Focus Gears and PL Mounts were added to these lenses
to update them to compete with the T2.1 lenses at a lower price.
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