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Freya Black

eumig 860 pma Worst battery compartment ever?

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Looks like a really nice, if very strange, camera!

A silent camera that can take sound carts. Really odd.


However the battery compartment is a nightmare. Firstly it takes 5 batteries which is a bit frustrating when Willis only have the 4 packs left. It takes one of those special battery holders that people usually manage to lose. The 5th battery goes in first before the battery holder. Once the batteries are in it's incredibly hard to get them out again!


It seems like the battery comtacts on the bottom are just 4 weird flat pins which makes me wonder if I am missing a bit.


Presently tempted to remove the handle and wire up some new power.


Anyone had a good experience with this camers?


Looks great on paper but getting it to work?


It came with some nice lenses that I may sell to try and get some money back.



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Everything I have just read about your camera seems to say that is a good camera. It does sound like it is worth persevering with.


I'm not clear what the problem is apart from the battery compartment taking some time work out.


Perhaps the battery compartment is quirky. That's not unusual. To put it in context, the battery compartment on the Leicina Special is very bad. It also uses 5 batteries which threaten to fall out until the rubberised cover is on. The body of this camera has small brass pins to connect to the battery compartment that do not look like they will make good contact. But then it is also a great camera.






Is the camera working when you have the batteries in? If not are the contacts all clean? I recommend a small ink rubber to clean them. Silly question, but are all the batteries the way round? (Hard to work out at times with the Leicina)


How about sharing some photos of the holder? To check if there is a part missing?


And when it is working I recommend buying 2 sets of 4 Eneloop batteries. They are the best rechargeables on the market

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My vote for worst battery compartment would be the Canon AF-310xl. Batteries in the plastic handle with a tiny little bit of plastic holding the whole thing in and it always breaks right there. I have like 5 of those cameras that I have to tape on the battery door every time.

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