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Vivek Venkatraman

Car Mounting [absolute new comer]

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So I have a project coming up which involves mounting a camera on a car at various angles. I have attached images for reference.

I have a poop load of queries so here goes -


1 - The camera I am thinking of is a 1 D C ? Would it be too heavy for suction rigs or is it ok ? Will it cause vibrations ? Would the a7s ii be a better choice ?


2 - How long does it take to set up a car rig ?


3 - Is there some sort of a rig to stabilise a tripod in the back of a car ?


4 - What are the kind of rigs that I need to look into ? Whats a good place to start reading about this ? What do they roughly cost per day ? In short as a DOP what do I need to know before I start off on my project


5 - My car does not have a bonnet in the front but the director wants a two shot from the front ? Is it possible to rig up such a shot ?


6 - I also need to take a shot of the speeding road signs [attached image] from low from the front of the car ? Is such a shot possible ? What kind of a rig does it require ?

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Should be doable with a three point mount. How heavy is the camera? More ridged would be two anchor points on the bumper, the third, the roof or the windscreen. Don't forget to safety the camera/cheese plate to a fourth anchor point independent of the others.

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You are looking to attempt a hood mount type of shot on a car that has no hood.

Trust me when I say this is better attempted by someone with experience.

Losing your camera is one problem.

A far bigger one is hurting or killing someone with a camera / rig flying off a car.

I am guessing you plan to drive this car on public roads with no lock down ?

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My impression is that this shot is going to happen, professional help or not.


One alternative to a proper car rig or process trailer would be shooting it from a camera mounted in the bed of a pickup truck, pulling the car behind it with a simple tow bar. But as Sanjay Sami says, any car shot should be done on closed roads.

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Towing the vehicle and shooting from the bed of the tow vehicle, depending on road conditions, could be very shaky. Just a thought.

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If you're shooting a lot around this vehicle, you definitely want a process trailer. It will make producing, acting, and sound easier, too.


If you're totally run and gun, a stabilizer like a MoVI, combined with a good driver, can give you some options. Take a little air out of the tires to help smooth things out, too. But it's pretty much impossible to get the same take twice once you're working with two vehicles that aren't attached.

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Nice video. Disagree on the procedure for cleaning the vacuum cup face.


Excerpted from the Wood's Powr-Grip site:


To CLEAN THE VACUUM PAD, remove the air filter from the pad face. Use a clean sponge or lint-free cloth to apply soapy water or another mild cleanser to the cup face.
Never use solvents or rubber conditioners as a cleaning agent
Do not use harsh chemicals (such as solvents or gasoline) or unauthorized rubber

cleaners and conditioners to clean the cup. See www.WPG.com for more information

Edited by JD Hartman

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