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LOMO FAST lens set 18mm/1.6 28mm/1.4 35mm/1.4 75mm/1.6 PL mount

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I am selling part of my private lens collection. this is the best spherical lens ever made in Soviet union. Typically warm, with very nice warm flers. I used these lens for my feature films and commercials. Some of them were blockbusters of the year in Czech republic. I will upload grabs from mkv files in next post.

I love older lens against new MP, UP. When I use MP or UP with Alexa or RED, it is so technical and clean. These older lens produce so nice texture, organic look. Even I mostly have budget for Masterprimes or Ultraprimes, I go very often with Lomos, spherical or anamorphic.

I have 2 sets for A+B cameras, this is smaller set I am selling.


18mm T1.6 35OKC7-18-1

28mm T1.4 OKC10-28-1

35mm T1.4 OKC12-35-1

75mm T1.6 OKC14-75-1M



Focus rings can be changed to black by Elox process.


Fantastic lens in very good condition.


All pictures on web: http://postimg.org/gallery/2x9blof16/



Price 9900 USD (or euro equivalent) +shipping 100USD. Shipping worldwide. Located in Prague.








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