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Satsuki Murashige

Film related stuff to do in Vancouver?

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So, I'll be in Vancouver all of this week on vacation. Any film related things I should check out? Little independent camera shops, labs, theaters, etc. I probably won't be going to any rental houses or anything like that. I'll be walking around with my little Pentax 35mm camera and shooting Cinestill negatives.

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Oh man Sat! I just came back from Vancouver! I just missed you! They are so busy there with production it's crazy. Enjoy the sea wall and Kitslano. Great cafes and such. Stanley Park, etc. Yaletown is good for dining as well. Where are you staying?



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Aw, sorry I missed you Greg. I'm in downtown on Nelson and Burrard, so relatively close to Yaletown. Got a Japanese hot dog, Korean BBQ, and waffles all in the same evening. That was probably a bad idea. Getting a haircut tomorrow and walking around the town with my stills camera. Haven't run across any production trucks yet, but I'm sure I will soon. Cheers!

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Well, I didn't see any production trucks during my stay but I must say, Whistler is pretty freaking great.









In other news, stay weird Vancouver. Ya'll really like your trees.



Small Victory bakery in Yaletown rocks.


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Just picked up my negatives from Vancouver. Unfortunately, I saved my one roll of 5203 50D for snowy day exteriors and forgot to reset my camera's light meter. It was still set to 400ASA, so I underexposed the whole roll by 3 stops. The negatives are quite thin, the contact sheet looks a bit like the opening scenes from 'Birth' but not in a good way. We'll see what can be pulled out in Lightroom.


The two rolls of 5219 came out great.

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