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J Tindell

LTR 7 mount for M42 lenses?

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Recently got an Aaton LTR 7 in great shape, came with Nikon F and PL mounts, both of which work great with their respective lenses.


I have a bunch of old M42 lenses that I used with my K3 and I want to try them with my Aaton. I bought an M42 -> PL adapter but the only lens I can get to fit in the grooves of the adaptor is the Meteor 17-69mm; the other lenses are too wide at the base to fit. I've tried a couple different M42 -> Nikon F adapters but the flanges are off because I can't focus on any of the M42 lenses.


No idea if there are M42 mounts for Aaton cameras out there but if anyone has any tips for me, much would be appreciated!

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The flange distance has always thrown me for a loop. The K3 has a very close flange distance, so does my Bolex. They can accept a very wide range of lenses, which is sweet. However, the Aaton's flange distance is much greater, magnitudes greater! So the last element of the glass has to be much closer to the gate. The problem of course, you have to put the lens inside the mounting hole! Finding glass and an adaptor that will let you do that, is going to be nearly impossible. Now you COULD use a speed booster for PL, but nobody makes one! So back to square one on that.


I had the same problem, only I have EF mount glass that I wanted to use. So it won't work even if I shove it in the hole, the flange distance on those cameras is so much closer, it's worthless on the Aaton. SOME older Nikon glass does fit the Nikon adaptor, but not much. I tried some older Nikon lenses I have, none of them worked with the Nikon adaptor I have.


So I bought Bayonet mount glass and B to Aaton mount adaptors. You can get Bayonet mount cinema glass for reasonable pricing. Plus, the stuff just works! The adaptors are very sturdy and work great!

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I'm about designing 3D printed adapters for Aaton


- Olympus OM (done)

- M42 for Meteor (K3)

- Cameflex for Tegea 5.7mm

- 16ОКС1-6-1 6/1.8

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If your camera still has the original Aaton mount, I have a M42 to Aaton adapter for sale. PM me if you like.

so does this enable such lens as the Meteor 5-1 17-69mm zoom, to be used on say an Aaton XTR with aaton mount?

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