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I just got a Photo Sonics 1VN (action master 200) in unknown condition and no batteries.

What kind of battery (voltage/amps) the original uses inside the "shoulder mount" adapter which is supposedly meant for sports high speed filming? the battery case itself is there but the cells are removed. I am planning to fit NiMh cells there once I know the voltage and power needed.


and, is there some of the original lubricants available anymore or some alternatives for the movement? I won't use it regularly even if I get it working but may have to use it in cold temperatures (about -20°C or so) . maybe a 200ft roll once a month or so...

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great, thanks a lot :lol:


I found some info that it's supposed to be 28vdc +/- 4v. Maybe 20 or 21 NiMh cells would work.

I will also ask him if acetate base 2R film would work with the camera, 2R polyester base is very difficult to find

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The determining factor will be the current drain, likely to be upwards of 10A, so make sure the cells are up to it.

There's no problem using acetate base for medium-speed cine.

You must be aware by now that it doesn't have a viewfinder.

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