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Sarah Kirby

Super 8 Argus/Cosina Information

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Hey all,


I recently purchased an Argus XL 755 camera and I was looking to see if anyone here has any information about the camera, or similar ones to it. It had battery corrosion which has been taken care of, but the battery test light doesn't work and the lens doesn't seem to focus (this could be due to me not knowing the operation of the camera). I also would like to see if there's any film that would be compatible with it.


So if you could, please share any knowledge you have!




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Hi, the following information seems close to fully cover the facts regarding your camera. Since the it's only a 3:1 zoom, the viewfinder is aerial view, so clear focusing is not really possible, easily that is. Use the distance scale on the lens. To set up the viewfinder for your eyesight, zoom all the way in, and aim the camera at an object like a telephone pole which is more than 500ft away, and set the lens to Infinity, then rotate the viewfinder diopter adjustment until the image is sharp.


If the builtin light meter is working, you should be able to use the Vision 50 film, Tri-X B&W, Vision 200T, Agfa 200 Daylight, and a few others. It's a basic camera, but does have that nifty slower 9fps setting, which will really allow some shooting in low light, albeit the slow frame rate and thus sped up motion of anything moving (which could be adjusted later in software upon digitizing). Some of these early 1970s camera also require a small button battery of 1.35volts(or two) to power the light meter, so make sure your light meter works off the Double A batteries BEFORE you try using any film. There's also the MANUAL EXPOSURE knob, which if it works okay, you can set the aperature to any setting and use a separate hand held light meter. Using this, you can use ANY Super 8mm film in a silent cartridge in this camera. It has some other nice features such as single frame and the viewfinder information to what aperture you're using etc. IF it needs the button battery, the battery check lamp won't light unless those are in there as well. Anyhow, still a nice small compact camera to take anywhere and have fun with. Good luck!

Best regards, Martin Baumgarten



Argus/Cosina 755 XL [big brother to the XL735]

marketed in fall of 1973

Silent Super 8 cartridge

lens: Cosinon f: 1.2 \ F: 9-27 mm

zooming ratio: 3x [3:1 ratio]

focusing: manual, 4 ft to infinity

zooming: auto and manual

filter size: ?(possibly 49mm or 52mm)

viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece

viewfinder information: aperture scale, under-exposure warning signal, film-end light

exposure: auto and manual exposure control; TTL EE, CdS photocell

film speed: ASA 25 with daylight filter (ASA 40 without), ASA 100 with daylight filter(ASA 160 without)


ASA notching: default tungsten ratings of ASA 40 and ASA 160

backlight control button: yes

CCA filter: built-in 85A filter; coupled with movie light socket

filming speed: 9, 18 fps, single frame

shutter opening angle: >180 degrees, eXisting Light filming

sound: no

remote control socket: yes

cable release socket: single frame

movie light socket: screw type

synchro flash socket: ?


accessory shoe: yes

film counter: 1-15 m

handle: detachable pistol grip

film drive motor: DC micromotor

battery check button: yes

power source: 4 x AAA batteries only

weight: 2 lb., 2 ounce

dimensions: 2" x 3" 3/4 x 5" 1/4

tripod socket: 1/4"

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Thank you, Martin! This is very useful and helpful information.


Two years later I've just learned that the camera does function as long as the Run Lock is unlocked. Next step is to buy some film.





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