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FS: Arri 3C Techniscope (2-perf) Camera Package -Beautiful Condition

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For sale is my beautiful 2-perf (Techniscope) Arri 3C (IIIC) camera package.
This camera was never a rental and it looks like it's hardly ever been used, it's in such beautiful condition. I've owned it since 2009 and during that time I found and bought an original Arri factory 2-perf conversion kit, which was installed by the technicians at Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood.
I'm guessing everyone here knows why 2-perf is so great. But just in case... basically you get twice the run time from the same amount of film. A 400' roll of 35mm film running at 24 fps lasts about 8 minutes instead of the usual 4 minutes. A 200' short end is suddenly not a pain to work with since it lasts about 4 minutes. So that means you spend half as much money on film stock and processing since that's paid by the foot, too. The aspect ratio is naturally 2.40:1 at the gate so it's well suited to that cinemascope look, but much less expensive than anamorphic on film stock/processing (not to mention lens rental costs). If you wanted to shoot 1.85:1 on this camera, you could have the ground glass pencilled with two vertical lines to create 1.85 within the 2.40, and you'd still have roughly twice as much negative area than if you shot 1.85 on Super 16. I know of a feature film that just wrapped which did exactly that. Some recent and beautifully-shot 2-perf films: "Hunger", "Shame", "The Place Beyond the Pines", "American Hustle", "The Fighter", "Silver Linings Playbook", to name a few.

- Arri 3C Camera body with PL mount port cap, body (magazine) port cap, in custom shipping case
- Custom-made by Shurco 2-perf 2.40:1 Arri-3 style ground glass, with clear plastic case
- Panavision (PV) Mount (PL mount currently installed, centered on Academy, not Super) with some shims
- Cinematography Electronics Crystal Motor Base (could also be used with an Arri 2C, best motor you can get for these cameras)
- Arriflex 3C Crystal Handgrip Motor (12V) with screws and gear (could also be used with an Arri 2C, a very rare item)
- Italian Flatbase Motor Adapter Plate for above handgrip motor (ECE - ROME), untested
- Custom Samcine Hand Held Support Brackets for IIC/IIIC in small hard shipping case
- 2x 400' Arri 3 mags in a 2-hole mag case
- 4x 200' Arri 3 mags in a 4-hole mag case. Note, two of the mags need some minor servicing. One looks like it's never been used
- 2x 400' Fromm Shoulder Mags with spare rubber belt drives and 1x adjustable shoulder bracket (no case)
- Jurgen's Orientable Video Door for 3C with Sony Color CCD camera
- Arri Hand Held Door for 3C
- Arri Orientable Door for 3C
- Arri Straight Door for 3C with 2x Anamorphic desqueeze lever
- Flat cover for above Straight Door if anamorphic dequeeze module is to be removed
- Wide Angle Deniz Eyepiece with rubber eyecup that has shutter that can close
- Spare Arri Eyepiece with rubber eyecup -push eye against eyecup to open shutter type, helps prevent light leaks
- 1x Jurgen's Extension Eyepiece
- 1x Arri Extension Eyepiece
- 1x Arri Right Handgrip (no on/off switch) Arri Rosette style attachment
- 1x Rosette to Rosette extension arm (adapter bracket needed/not included to use with above handgrip). Bracket pictured in hand held mode is not included)
- 1x Unknown Brand Balance Plate Top A35/S35 switchable, like BP-9 (for 15mm rods)
- 1x Van Diemen Balance Plate Bottom (Dovetail) ~12"
- 2x 12V 4-pin XLR to 4-pin XLR power cables, one with a pigtail
- 3x Power Cables for Jurgen's Video Door
- 2x Medium Carbon Fiber rods (15mm)
- 2x Medium rods (15mm)
- 2x Short rods (15mm)
- 1x SR2/SR3 type LWS 15mm bracket with 2x screw-in extension rods (for attaching to front of CE Flat Crystal Motor Base
- Arri grease
The inching knob (shutter/frame advance knob) has three holes drilled in it which was done to attach a hand-crank module from Clairmont Camera for a commercial (shot before the 2-perf conversion).
Due to the 2-perf conversion, the Cinematography Electronics Crystal motor base does not count footage correctly. Simply divide the readout by half for an accurate footage count.
I've created an album on Flickr with quite a few photos. On the wide photo with everything, you may notice two smudges. I've erased two items which I realized after the fact have no relevance or use with this package. I've also included some frame grabs from a music video I made with this camera after the 2-perf conversion. It was a joy to shoot with, performing flawlessly with not one instance of a hair in the gate. It was almost entirely shot with short ends of 200' or less.
If you're not familiar with the 3C, you could think of it as the final refinement of the 2C before the Arri 35-3 came out, mostly designed as a result of engineering Arri did to the 2C for the German WW2 film "Das Boot". It has an orientable door which keeps the horizon level as you reposition the eyepiece up or down (on the 2 doors here that let you swivel the eyepiece up/down). It has a more sturdy hinged door (not interchangeable with the Arri 35-3 door), unlike the metal prongs which hold the 2C door to the body. That design was never intended for the weight of a Jurgen's video door and I've seen a few 2C bodies that are wearing out where these prongs grip, making it risky that the door could fall off. The 3C came from the factory with a PL mount, and it has a very nice crystal handgrip motor which is often sought after since it works just as well on the 2C. Something else I like about the 3C, they have a variable shutter, something that's hard to find on a 2C. The 3C also has a rosette for mounting accessories, right by the inching knob. The 2C doesn't have that. This is a beautiful example of the very rare Arri IIIC.

The 3C movement is the same as the 2C movement and motors, mags and of course ground glasses are interchangeable.
It took me many years to assemble this package so at least initially, I won't consider splitting off pieces of it. That said, feel free to get in touch if you're interested in something, and I'll keep you in mind.

Available for $6,500 Or Best Offer. Available to see in NYC or Los Angeles, if you cover shipping costs to LA. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the NYC (1st) or Los Angeles (2nd) area who will pick up in person and pay cash. I live in NYC but have friends/family in LA who can coordinate a sale in LA for me.
Please check out the pictures and shoot me a private message if you're interested or if you have any questions.
Thanks for looking!








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I'm lowering my asking price and offering an option:


$6,200 for the package as described


$5,500 if you don't care about getting two crystal sync motors. Included is your choice for one of the two crystal motors and everything else.

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Hi Richard,


I"m very interested on this camera.

If you have it we are thinking to pick up May 2nd.


We have Zeiss C.P 2 lenses with PL mount.

Is it o.k to use it?

I'm not so familiar with this camera please let me know.





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Hi Min,


Thanks for getting in touch. Please send me a private message with your email address and/or phone number and we'll coordinate.


I'm pretty sure the Zeiss CP.2s will work fine on it, but I think I can double check that for you today and confirm.





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Hi Folks,

I'm lowering my asking price:

$6,000 for the package as described


$5,000 if you don't care about getting two crystal sync motors. Included is your choice for one of the two crystal motors and everything else.

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Hi Jan,


Thanks for your interest. I will sell one of the motors but only after I sell the camera package, and only if the person buying the camera package doesn't want both motors.





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  • 1 month later...

Hey Rob,


Thanks for the heads up about my inbox being full. Someone else just messaged me yesterday about the camera and it looks like that was the last that my inbox would hold. I've just deleted some old messages and sent you a PM.





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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Richard,


What's the status on the package? I just joined up and was wondering. Feel free to email me at:


expo17 @ gmail. com (remove spaces from address)





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  • 2 weeks later...

Lowering the price!


$5,000 including both motors (for everything).


Or, if anyone wants to buy just the CE Crystal Flatbase motor or just the Crystal Handgrip motor for $1,000, I will sell the remaining package for $4,000.

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  • 1 month later...

This camera package is still available. I've had several near-sales. Two very interested parties currently but no commitment just yet.


Two updates:


1) The camera package is now in Los Angeles with friends. The only thing left with me in NYC are the 2x 400' Fromm Hand Held mags. A potential buyer recently shot a registration test and reported excellent results, and a technician was paid to inspect the package and gave it a thumbs up. References available upon request.


2) The straight anamorphic door is no longer included in the package. It doesn't make sense for someone to shoot 2-perf with anamorphics, and I know someone who wants this door to shoot anamorphic with their 4-perf 3C. In addition, the Hand Held door is equally lightweight with equally bright optics, but more ergonomic for hand held (the optics are further forward, closer to the film plane and not so far back).

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Hey Richard can you give me an email/call regarding the stolen/theft history on the movie camera?

Just so everyone knows I am a potential buyer and the movie camera had been stolen from the previous buyer in 2008. It was recovered. Richard has been really great about being transparent about the history and he will put me in touch with the previous buyer to explain what happened. Richard is 100% current owner of the movie camera and it is not currently stolen. He has taken very good of the movie camera and it works 100%. It is currently listed in Insync Publications as "stolen" but I have been assured the title has been cleared. We will try to delete it as "stolen" since it appears to be old history. Again the camera is currently NOT stolen.




STOLEN EQUIPMENT: These item were taken 01/10/2008


Arriflex IIIC camera #85080w/handheld door #85C150 and eyepiece, together

with Italian flatbase and Arri handheld crystal motor #109

Arri IIIC orientable door #85A081

Edited by Rob Guerrero
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Thank you for clarifying that, Rob.


As I said in my first post, I bought this camera package in 2009. It was at the very end of 2009. I bought the package from Chris Squires, a well-established Camera Operator and DP in the industry. As you can see from the In-Sync Publications alert, Chris listed this stolen notice well before I bought the package, back in early 2008. It had been stolen, and recovered, undamaged. It seems Chris never had the listing taken down after it was recovered. I remember Chris telling me he had CE check out the motor to make sure it was ok after it was recovered. I've kept in touch with Chris over the years, and will ask him to get back to you, Rob, to confirm all of this, if you are serious about buying the package.

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