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Obviously, this forum is centered around the visual aspects which go into a motion picture. Other topics include editing, sound, and so on. Because it's such a crucial part of the film process, why is there no screenwriting/wordsmithing board?


Just curious, thanks.

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Luckily, this is not Stage32 - where everyone is everything, all the time.


Here, even the editing & sound posts usually connect to cinematography in some small way. And all three crafts have both aesthetic & technical components to them. I guess you could make an argument for the "technical" side of screenwriting but how far would that conversation go? Use a Smith-Corona or Final Draft?...

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With the editing board I understand your point (dealing with the footage one just shot), but the sound board seems to have a bigger disconnect from the broad term of cinematography, which puts screenwriting as a notion in my mind in the first place.


And I believe there are many technical elements within the craft of screenwriting beyond Celtx vs. MS Word. The formula of writing a joke for example has a nice helping of guidelines to follow (that many people are oblivious to until explained once). Other suggestions on how to type a page that "flows" not in terms of content, but line breaking and formatting.


This place already covers such a wide array of things as it is I figured "What's one more?"

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With one person camera operations the same person will be doing the cinematography and the sound recording, so a sound.board makes sense.


I know screenwriters can get as techie about their craft as other people and I know forum members write their own scripts. However, I suspect going to a writing forum may be better for a scriptwriter because it doesn't usualy involve directly working with a cinematographer and you want a freedom that doesn't come from worrying about that aspect.

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