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Hey guys,


Just got in a Pilotfly H2 for my GH4, and I'm having trouble. There is excessive wiggle and vibration on the camera, but I am under the weight limit. There is hardly any information on these things right now because they are so new, but I figured I would see if anybody here owns one.





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I have an H2 arriving on Monday, 6/13, for a GH4, so I'm interested in what you find out. Here is the section from another forum that might help:

...find the axis making the vibration, more than likely it is your pitch, then modify the 'LPF' value of pitch (30 45 90 120 150 160 180 200). More than likely at the moment it is set to 90. So for the lighter lens try 150. It is done in the Filters tab.

As per pilotfly, >> increase for lighter lens, decrease for heavier lens.

It is recommended to backup your profiles first. Test the change on profile 1, once you confirm it works better, you can apply the same LPF to the other profiles. Pilotfly is working on the full guide which will include this info, as for now the quick guide does not mention it.

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I went through all the recommended settings by pilotfly with no luck. When you do get it in, PM me if it works. I've already sent it back to B&H.


When I first got the gimbal, everything seemed pretty normal other than a distinct wobble on the pitch axis. Any movement that I made was seen in the pitch axis, no matter how slow I walked. All the other axis were fine. So I went online and found a particular user that had put his PID settings online. I immediately went in to apply these settings, since the smoothness of the image he was getting was better than a steadicam. However, this worsened the problem. Now all axis were acting weird. I could feel a very strong vibration in the handle. So then I turned to pilotfly. While they were very diligent to respond to my questions during the weekend, their suggestions made my H2 perform like a handheld footage simulator.


Pilotfly put me through the paces as far as numbers go. I saw your suggestion for the filters and the LPF value, but it seems that everything that I did with those numbers caused my gimbal to perform even worse.


I put a lot of research into this product before purchase, and have been very disappointed. Despite all that, Pilotfly has the best customer service that I have ever seen. Their support team is based out of Germany, so many a time they were getting off work as I was waking up in the morning. They were very prompt about responding to my emails, so if you have any issues do contact them.


I'd like to say that after this bad experience I know more about gimbals. But I don't. In fact I'm more confused than ever.


Thanks for the reply.

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