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Heikki Repo

New Kodak

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Have you noticed Super-8 is nowadays located on Kodak website in consumer products? :)

There are even "Super 8 Tips - Making a movie, camera to subject distance, composition, lighting, common problems, storage and more..." with tips such as


If film is black--absolutely no pictures:

* lens cover not removed"


I have a feeling Kodak is serious about trying to bring new people to motion picture film. While super-8 might not be (usually is not) the right tool for making feature films or the best example of how beautiful film can look, there are good reasons why super-8 can be a good way to achieve Kodak's final goal of growing the user base:


- it's not too easy to mistake super-8 footage for some new digitally originated footage

- super-8 cartridge system paves the way for those who feel insecure about loading film in darkness (most newcomers do)

- easy new camera package with built-in light meter and enough digital stuff to keep the new generation comfortable while shooting expensive film material



Now then, all they need to do is either bring back Kodachrome 40 or at least remove references to it from their Super 8 Tips ;)

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Whatever category they put it in, logistically the format is getting closer to professional workflows. A decade ago I was splicing and projecting silent reversal film. By the end of this year I'll be able to work with audio sync with the same emulsions and work flows as 16/35mm. Theoretically you could carry out a production on Super 8 just as if you were shooting 16/35mm, but on a much smaller scale. I would not go for a 2hr film on S8, maybe a 20-30 min at most. If you can pull off a mini production on S8, it will be much easier to move up to 16/35mm.

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