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Arri 416 ground glass


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Hello, dear filmmakers!


On my camera Arri 416 no ground glass. I need to understand where the frame edges.


When I connect the monitor using a Y connector, I can choose a picture frame on the menu, but I do not know what size frame will meet the real Super 16. Could it be that the entire image on the screen corresponds to a real frame?


Can I make the ground glass? And how to do it?


Thank you very much for your help!

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I don't know how people can sell a camera like that without a gg..


You need one not just for framing but also for eye focussing. Without one you can't judge through the viewfinder when the image on the film is sharp.


You'll need to buy or rent one, making your own is not possible. It's the same fibre screen used in SR3s.

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Yes, it's an essential part of the camera kit. People might swap ground glasses over for different aspect ratios, but the camera viewfinder is essentially unusable without a ground glass.


Try to source a ground glass that will match the format and aspect ratio you want to film in, for example S16 1.78. Sometimes you can get multiple aspect ratios marked on one ground glass. You may need to just rent one from a rental house. Or contact the people you bought the camera from and demand the ground glass that it should have come with.


SR1 and 2 ground glasses will also fit your camera but are often marked for Standard 16, so make sure you get a S16 one if that's the format you want.


I don't know where you can buy them these days, try respected camera dealers like Visual Products or Gecko-Cam or even older established rental houses that had film cameras and are now offloading their film accessories. There used to be a company called Shurko that made and re-marked ground glasses, but I haven't used them for years.

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The monitor is only showing a picture of the ground glass (or viewfinder) image. Without a ground glass you can pick up an aerial image, but it won't be necessarily at the same focus depth as the film plane. So it may look sharp depending on the eyepiece diopter setting, or the video split focus setting, but it won't necessarily be sharp on the film. Even with a ground glass, focussing off the monitor is not that accurate with film cameras.

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