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On a second hand website i found a 2x 1000w par64 armature sort of like a (mini) mini brute for pretty cheap.

I was wondering if this light would be usefull or i would be better of just using some old open face 2kw blondes.


my main use would be simulating sunlight coming from smaller windows or used as bounce or diffused by muslin or silk.


when the budget allows i would obviously use HMI's for this but there are these low budget shoots when i just have some smaller units and i miss some fire power.


This is the light:





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The light will be more directional than a blonde, and perhaps more suitable for creating sunbeams, although the PAR lamps have a rather hot-spotty output. The problem with the arrays like this, which seem to be very popular in the US, is that they create segmented shadows.

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it would work better for sunlight with diffusion if you want to get rid of the double shadows. but blondes may be better for that use if diffusion is used anyway. I think the Par cans are at their best when used with very narrow beam bulbs like VNSP, then you can great quite sharp and bright beams with them affordably, get enough distance to get the beams parallel and you can separate the beams easily if you use multiple units. that is easier if they are separate fixtures so you can fine tune the distances. you can use better lights like fresnels if you need more uniform light distribution

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if you use strong enough diffusion and make sure that both of the bulb's beams merge on the diff surface, then the lit diff surface acts as a single light source casting only one shadow. some of the light will scatter all over the place so you will lose lots of intensity which is why it may be more practical to just use Blondes which need diffusion anyway to be usable (my opinion based on the linear bulb's tendency to create irregular ugly shadows) or to use multiple par cans with narrow spots and to make sure that the beams are separated enough so that they don't make double or triple shadows

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one or two 1kw vnsp par64's are good to have on hand every now and then and they are not expensive. just pick up some screw-on spigot adapters so that you can attach them to stands. PAR cans are also lightweight which may be useful in some situations, and you will get a very bright spot with a vnsp par from much further away compared to fresnel

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