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Cooke set for sale

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Hi All.

I have a nice set of Cooke speed panchro S2 lenses.

18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100mm.

I also have a 18mm f1.7 cooke lens

Lenses are all good except for 50mm which has a damaged iris

Pictures enclosed.

Fair price accepted.


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I would post pics but its a complete nightmare to actually achieve this. I have plenty of pics so message me if you want to see.




have you tried creating a free photobucket.com account? it lets you link to the photos and is fairly easy to do compared to uploading tiny images here.

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Hello Gary,


I'm interested in the 18 mil. It would be great to get some detailed pics.

As was already suggested above there are a bunch of imagehosting sites you can use for this. There are plenty sites that work without signing up for an account to upload. I'm sure there is more fancy sites but http://tinypic.com/ for example is quick and easy for example

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