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Gabi Bucataru

Removing Sprockets on a Bolex H16?

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Hi gang!


So I am taking the crazy risk of filing one side of tooth from my Bolex H16 to be able to accept R1 film (one side perforation film). I did stuff like this before, not on a camera, I have some basic tool & dye filing knowledge, tools etc.


The question I have - ho on Earth do you take those sprockets out?


I took out the two screws that are keeping in on the axle but they are still not popping out. Both of them. I don't want to force anything, so I was wondering if they should come off together with the loop making mechanism also?


any tips more than welcome!!


thanks a lot!


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Dom Jaeger knows a lot about bolexes and often drops in to a thread like this and helps out. Hold off filing metal as long as you can.


Till then, is the whole sprocket assembly a stack, with the sprocket itself machined from a thin plate? If so, why not dissassemble that stack and replace the sprocket with a non sprocketed spacer.

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Simply order a pair of one-side sprocket drums at Bolex International.


They should be mounted by a specialist because it takes a gauge for the correct height.

You could have your camera revised at the same time. Cleaning, lubricating, adjusting


From the fact that you have an H-16 with double-side sprocket drums we know that it

must be at least 60 years old. Time for a checkup

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