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Seth Lawrence

Aaton LTR54 with daylight spools

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I have a producer who has some 30m daylight spools meant for a bolex that he would like to use with an Aaton LTR 54. I'm wondering if it would be possible to adapt these to the camera short of simply having them put on cores. According to the manual at the link below (on pg. 14) it's simply a matter of removing a screw. Just wondering whether anyone here has any experience with this, or if this manual is referring to a daylight spool I'm not aware of (i.e. a 100 ft version of the A-minima 200 ft reels or something like it). Thanks!



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Seth ... If you are referring to the standard metal black spools which Kodak and others use for 100ft rolls, these are a standard "daylight" spools which can be used on Bolex, Arriflex, and Aaton cameras, and very probably other cameras. They are quite different to those used on the Aaton a-Minima camera however, which was a special design for that camera and that camera alone, and cannot be used on other cameras.


I have an Aaton LTR54 camera, and I can assure you that the standard black 100ft reels referred to above can be used in the LTR54 with no difficulty whatsoever. I mostly use those reels.


The LTR54 is designed to take 400ft rolls of film which are wound on to cores as well as 100ft daylight spools, and as the manual says, to use the 100ft metal daylight reels you first have to remove the core centres by unscrewing the small screw. On withdrawing the mounting for cores you will find that the 100ft spools will fit on the shaft on which the core centre was mounted.


Both sides of the magazine are the same in so far as the precedure described above is concerned.



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Posted (edited)

Happened to be figuring this out with my newly acquired Aaton and wanted to make a small but important addition to Robert's explanation.

In the feed side of the magazine, in the top left corner, there's a small thumbscrew screwed into the bottom of the magazine. This screw serves two purposes:

  1. you can actually use it to unscrew the core (of course you could also use a flathead screwdriver).
  2. it screws on top of the 100ft daylight reel once you've placed that on the shaft. This is actually quite important because it keeps the reel from moving around inside the magazine, which would make it noisy and could cause other problems.



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