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For sale:

Nauticam N200 Underwater Housing for ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera - Design by Hydroflex


Condition: LIKE NEW/MINT. Has only been used briefly once in a swimming pool, some items are unused and unwrapped. The housing has no wear marks and is pretty much in the same condition as when it left the factory. Purchased in June 2016 - under warranty from Nauticam.


- Optical glass dome port: Used once, in same condition as the housing. Unblemished glass

- Flat port: Never used; plastic film still on front of glass

- Arri WCU-4 remote control cable: Never used, still on spool

- HD-SDI monitor cable: Never used, still on spool

- NA-058 underwater housing for TVLogic VFM-058W: Never used, plastic film still on glass (Note: This item can be sold separately, but only after housing is sold). Other items not sold separately.

This is a complete fully operational underwater housing setup for the Alexa Mini in mint condition - available now. Lead time for a new system from Nauticam factory is minimum 3 - 4 weeks. This kit can be shipped on very short notice.

Reason for selling: Production cancelled

Asking price: USD 21.500,-

Original list price breakdown:

- Nauticam Alexa Mini housing w. glass dome $19.000

- Arri cforce mini Motor Mounting Brackets $850

- 45m HD-SDI Surface Video Cable $475

- HD-SDI Bulkhead $105

- LCS Surface Cable for Alexa Mini Housing $1.315

- NA-058 Housing for TVLogic VFM-058 $2.200

- N200 Flat Port A212133 $1.550

Sum list price $25.495,00

General info about housing:


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