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Hi all!


Shooting a student short December 9th-11th and the actor goes from laying down on a bed (on his side), and jolts awake completely upright. We want to have the camera follow his orientation, and go from vertical (on the cameras side) to a typical position horizontally.


I'm wondering if there's a way without something like a Lambda head or maybe a full Dutch head. Suggestions?

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if you just want to move the camera on one axis you can theoretically use a tripod head and mount the camera sideways. probably not the best idea, but with some different baseplates and stuff at a rental house that might be possible if your camera package is light.


I had to do a straight overhead to tilt up shot and we used an Oconnor 1030 with a pretty light camera - that got almost to the 90 degree straight down position when we offset the ball mount. Even with doing it straight on it for sure wasn't the best option though.


We tried to get the rental house to fine one of these - http://www.filmandvideolighting.com/mosteqcawepl.html - for that shoot. On a 150mm tripod head if you can find a way to mount that plate and the camera sideways well it might work out decently- (btw most dutch heads don't go full 90 Degrees on the side)


you might get some better suggestions elsewhere though!

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You can do this by mounting the camera sideways on the tripod head. You'll need a head that can tilt 90 degrees (not all can). You'll probably also need to boom up and track sideways at the same time as the tilt in order to maintain the same relative position to your actor. It's not the easiest of moves to achieve from a tripod, but it can be done.

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