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Hi, friends..!!

I am planning to shoot some high speed footages for an idependant feature film. Looking forward to rent out a camera which can go up to 500 fps/1000 fps. Pease suggest me some options which can fit in our budget conditions..!!


But my question is what are the shutter angle priorities/preferences while shooting at higher frame per seconds, especially for 250,500 and 1000fps to achieve more sharper/crispier image quality..!! Thanks


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Hello Anwar,

If you want to shoot good quality 1000fps footage . Phantom flex is your best option . Either the 2k or 4K option . I own both so I have expirience with it . Generally it depends of the speed of your object or the thing your shooting . The sharpness and crispness will be based on the amount of motion blur the object has . Once you start shooting above 1000fps shutter speed becomes less important because your shooting so many frames that the FPS them selves is elimintating the motion blur . Some times to gain more light we shoot with 360 degree shutter with great results depending on the subject . But usually if you keep to 180 degree shutter you won't have any problems .


What subject are you shooting and I can help a little more .

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Thank you martin..!!

we are planning for a vfx shot of a charactor suspended on ropes with costume, which has lots of frills and drapes against high speed fan ( green matte, interior) in light up conditions. And some product shoots with water splash ..!!


As per my limited knowledge i had learnt that, lesser shutter angle are used while shooting high speed photography to achive a crispier/ sharp image..!! as i am looking to achieve a crispier/ sharp image through out ..!!

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