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Bluray Authoring Obsolete?

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So, I've been in the wedding videography business for about 8 years now. We for the most part have always delivered on DVD.


For a brief time we delivered in bluray, but the discs never worked in our customers players.


I want to deliver in a bluray format, and I'm convinced that DVD architect Pro 6 is at this point obsolete for burning bluray discs, as they have never worked.


I've talked to Magix support as well as Adobe for help on this issue, but there is no direct support line for Magix, and Adobe has disowned Encore calling it obsolete.


So my question is are bluray discs obsolete? If they are, then what is the alternative? Because as much as I've looked I have yet to find any piece of software that is designed for professional bluray disc authoring. Which leads me to believe that people are delivering on USB. However I have yet to find ANY software that allows me to put chapter markers on a Mp4 files, much less any kind of menu system.


Note: I rent bluray discs from Redbox weekly. It's not like I'm talking about some ancient vinyl record set that's super rare. I shoot in 4k, at 24p. The only difference between me and Hollywood is they have Raw video and I don't.

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We still author them occasionally, but the market for this has bottomed out. We're basically done authoring discs except for existing clients. we use Scenarist BD, but that was $20k when we bought it several years ago. I think it's less now. But i'd only recommend getting it if you're the kind of person who likes to rub sandpaper on your eyeballs then wash it down with some lemon juice. It's terrible software, and it's an utter nightmare to use (this, from someone who has been authoring discs for 16 years, and on Scenarist for the past 7 or 8).


Other than professional software, I don't think you have many options these days, unfortunately.

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I've always disliked the idea of discs altogether. The ugly truth is; whether they are obsolete or not, if the client demands it you must deliver.

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