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Arben Thai

Optimo Style vs Optimo DP Rouge

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Hi, I was wondering has someone been using the Optimo Style series (16-40 & 30-76) from Angenieux and what would be difference or improvements in relation with the Optimo DP Rouge (16-42 & 30-80).

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I know the DP Rouge lenses, but only got a brief chance to throw the similar range Style zooms up on my test projector and play with them a bit.


As far as I could tell the build and optical performance are very similar. The main advantage to the newer Style series is their compatibility with extenders, which can also help to increase their coverage for 6K. The normal rear protrusion also makes them compatible with film cameras and internal filter systems. They can be used with the servo module if that's the sort of work you do, and also easily swap to EF or Nikon mount.


The big advantage to the DPs would be the possibility of buying them much cheaper on the 2nd hand market.

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I can't decide on whether to buy two used Optimo DP Rouge (16-42 & 30-80) or the Optimo Style 16-40 with 2x Extender. Dom I have read your post regarding the Optimo DP and if there is no compromise on optical quality even with the 15-40mm like you mentioned I would have no doubt chosing the cheaper DP Rouges. But as far I see the big production would always chose the 15-40mm and the footage with the Rouge are often characterised with blown out skies, lost details etc.

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Are the lenses for your own use or do you want to rent to big production companies? Problems like blown out skies etc aren't due to the lenses.. :)


Big productions will often use the highest end gear (like a 15-40) because it's what they're used to and the small advantages (slightly faster, slightly wider, slightly less aberrations, better mechanical durability) are worth it to them for the slightly higher rental. For a private operator, paying $50,000 instead of say $12,000 second hand for a slightly better lens doesn't make much sense.


But if you need the flexibility of extenders and different mounts, or think you need the latest lenses to maximise a rental return, then spending $17,000 on a Style 16-40 instead of $12,000 on a 2nd hand DP 16-42 might be worth it.

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