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Arnold & Richter VSU A 16 SR

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I've mentioned elsewhere that cinematography is not my profession. So I need some help regarding an A & R VSU A 16 SR, 25 fps. Here's one I found on eBay:




I'm assuming it's a speed control. There's a knob next to the cord, that says A 35 BL, A 16 SR, and A 16 BLEQ. I presume these are the cameras the unit works with. On the other end is a toggle switch that reads 'Cam. Ref.' and 'var.', and a button. The face has a rheostat dial marked 10 to 70, with additional 5-unit marks at either end. A pair of clamps is on the back, presumably to attach the unit to a tripod leg.


So what exactly is this, and how is it used? I don't have an Arri SR, and I have not tried to plug it in anywhere on my Aaton LTR.


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Yep, pretty much as you said, it's a Variable Speed Unit for those Arri cameras (including some subsequent models like 35BL2 to 4 and SR2). Plugs in via the 11 pin Fischer plug to the camera accessory socket. The toggle switch lets you go between the camera setting and the VSU speed. There were different speed dials available for each camera (since they had different maximum frame rates). It won't work with an Aaton as far as I know.

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