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Mike Dominguez

Making the possible transition to ICG600

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so not sure if anyone can help me with a question regarding joining icg600, but maybe i can give a brief background and see what you guys think:


my contract with the network i am employed for is coming to an end - currently im employed as an Associate Field Producer, but i easily have over the 100 work-days over the past three years operating (our role as field producers is pretty much to shoot wherever the union crew cannot get to.) I just got off of the phone with the ICG member rep in my region, and they said to email them a resume, cover letter, references and what classification i would want to get into.


I was considering starting as an assistant camera operator, but i wasn't sure what the other classifications are/include. Sorry to be a bother, and thanks!

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Contact Contract Services Administrative Trust Fund (CSATF). They will give you the details of how to submit paperwork to get on the experienced roster.


Joining the union is useless if you are not on an industry roster. Contracted producers are obligated to hire from the roster before hiring non-roster. That might not make a difference in your region.


In summary, you submit proof of employment days in ONE category you are applying for membership: Assistant, OP, DP, etc. So if you worked 60 days of AC and 60 days of OP, you have 60 days of one or the other, not 120 days.

I don't know how they will view it if you are field producer. CSATF has strange ways of determining what qualifies as days:


I worked an industrial as AC where the DP was 600, the grip and electrics were 728 and 80. We were using two Alexas. But because it was an industrial production, and not for broadcast or distribution, it did NOT qualify.

On the other hand, I did a bunch of days as an assistant on a low budget reality show where the most I did was wipe a lens and swap cards/batteries on a couple of 5D's. Those days counted only because it was on TV. Go figure.


The other thing to realize is getting into the union does not get you work. If there is not a lot of union work in your area, it might not be worth paying the significant initiation dues Last I checked, it was $7000 for AC, $10,000 for OP

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