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Kiarash Sadigh

correcting overhead tungsten to blue green fluorescent

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hello lighting gurus , I'm shooting a musical in a restaurant that has a bunch of overhead fixtures and we're going to include these fixtures into some of our shots...each fixtures can be best described as a three socketed bulb cluster that's been packed with CFLs and one inverted paper umbrella ( with a slight yellow tint ) that diffuses the throw....the insets are painted blue/green and they affect the bounce to a degree....


I want to shoot a "sodium vapor" source through the windows on the right , the windows will be diffused...I'm thinking of playing regular tungsten on the floor, like shooting through silks with open faces or kings bulbed at 3200 etc. and scenes all take place at night...


I want to be able to use these overheads as they are..meaning fluorescent , to achieve that blue/ green type of hair light ( picture 1 )...but since we have a lot of musical queues we have to be able to dim the overheads up or down depending on the scenes' requirements...so I don't think I can keep the CFLs in there because I can't dim those...instead I'm thinking of replacing them all with tungsten and gel them to match fluorescent , what's your best advice for this....am I on the right thinking path ? I've included two pictures...one is the restaurant and the other is an inspiration for the colour pallet I'm after....although I have to say that in the portrait shot here the blue green is a little too heavy handed ...I want to go for a much more subtle version , meaning that there is less blue-green

One last note; we're going to have a lot of wide shots , director loves to see the ceiling and drilling base plates into these ceilings is out of question...


thank you!!





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Replace the CFL's with daylight LED bulbs if you want to be able to dim them but retain a cool cast. They won't have as much green in them as some Cool White CFL's but maybe the cheapest LED daylight bulbs will have more green in them so you can get that cyan (blue + green) cast with the camera set to 3200K.

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thank you gents!! I purchased a bunch of LEDs and going to try them soon...the down side of LEDs , I guess is that even the dimple ones don't dim down %100...

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