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Mitch Lucas

Lens mount on Angenieux 9.5-57

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me what mount this could possibly be. I purchased this Angenieux 9.5-57 thinking this was a PL mount, but it's far too small for the opening. Ultimately I would like to use it on my PL mount camera, but if it's not capable I would try to sell it, but knowing the mount type would go a long way for both plans.


any help would be appreciated!





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Hello Mitch...


Looks like the Cinema Products CP16R mount on the lens......










Your 9.5-57 lens with the CP16R lens mount looks to be a factory adapted lens, not a CP16R adaptor that would slip on to a Arri Standard or Arri B-mount. Your lens would have to be refitted with a PL mount (best way to go), or with an Arri Standard/Arri B-mount type mount. Then you could get a PL adaptor. I don't think Cinema Products made a PL mount or an adaptor.



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Thanks so much for the info! at this point I will most likely just consider selling or returning it, as this looks like a more involved project than I can take on at the moment.

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Ken Hale at Whitehouse AV used to make and install stainless steel PL-Mount replacements for the CP-Mounts on some Angenieux lenses. I don't know how well he is travelling these days. He was sick quite a while back. There was a guy with an english accent who used to work at Whitehouse AV when I visited there in 1996 and had modified a CP16R for PL and Super16mm. I think he may have moved to Visual Products. An enquiry to either might find a solution for your lens.

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Hi Mitch,

There is also a CPR to C mount adapter (a VERY expensve one, at that!), if you should like to use the lens on any C (25mm) mount camera, such as the French Beaulieu R16 or the Pathé 16 Duolight/Report cameras.


I have an Angénieux 9,5 - 57mm lens in CPR-16 mount myself, and I am considering this adapter:


Best regards,
Bengt in Sweden

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Thanks Bengt,


I have since returned this lens on ebay. unfortunately it was not right for my uses. I hope to get one in Arri B sometime soon.

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