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Preston DM1 Bearing Replacement

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Hi guys,


One of my Preston DM1 motors needs a replacement bearing as the motor has become noisy.


Does anyone know how to disassemble one of these?




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It's been about 10 years since I did it, but I remember it being a real pain to dismantle those units - fragile encoder disc, 5 connector wires to the tiny Lemo socket, worm gear loses the meshing adjustment that prevents backlash, etc. I don't think the actual internal motor bearings are replaceable, and may not be the cause of the noise anyway. There are 2 bearings externally accessible under the plug at the top, but replacing those never made the motors quieter from my experience.


I think Preston replaced the internal motor if there were noise issues.

Unfortunately they've stopped servicing DM1 motors, precisely because of the time it takes. Perhaps you could ask their advice, but I suspect they will recommend getting a new motor.

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